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Ultimate connectivity platform for global IoT devices: boosting the competitiveness of IoT device makers

akronüüm: IoT4ALL
algus: 2018-06-01
lõpp: 2019-11-30
programm: H2020 - Horisont 2020
alaprogramm: INNOSUPSME
instrument: SME-2
projektikonkurss: H2020-SMEInst-2018-2020-2
projekti number: 812170
kestus kuudes: 18
partnerite arv: 1
lühikokkuvõte: For Europe, the Internet-of-Things (IoT) provides an opportunity to unlock 7 percentage points of GDP growth (€1 trillion) by 2025. The key role in achieving this potential is played by IoT device makers, who are exploring new global business models and are moving towards autonomous, self-learning, and fully automated services and products. However, these companies are facing significant connectivity challenges: 1. It is not technically possible to automatically manage connectivity traffic, cost and SIM cards on a global scale. 2. Available solutions are not compatible with a full range of wide-area connectivity technologies. 3. The data transfer prices for global connectivity (IoT devices located in different countries) are up to 500% higher compared to prices for local connectivity (all devices located in a single country). 4. The pricing schemes for global connectivity, including financial commitments, are rigid in adopting client’s use cases and are tailored for high-volume customers. MOBI has developed a prototype of the IoT connectivity platform ( that allows IoT device makers to get global data coverage for all of their devices. With the SME Instrument Phase 2 project MOBI will deliver the solution that: 1. Is truly universal, able to serve more than 95% of IoT device makers that need wide-area coverage, irrespective of the connectivity technology used. 2. Unique easy-to-use self-service platform with a powerful Application Programming Interface (API), which enables the user to control, manage, and monitor SIM cards and their mobile data sessions around the world from one platform. 3. Offers global connectivity for at least 50% lower data costs. 4. Transparent pay-as-you-go pricing without volume commitments and termination fees. By 2023, at least 9.5 million SIMs of IoT device makers will be connected to 1oT platform. For MOBI, the execution of commercialization strategy will result in annual revenues of €70 million (2023) and 101 jobs created
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