LearnIng from Failure in a collaborative Entrepreneurship network

akronüüm: LIFE
algus: 2015-01-01
lõpp: 2016-12-31
programm: H2020 - Horisont 2020
alaprogramm: LEIT - Juhtkoht tööstustehnoloogias
instrument: CSA - Koordineeriv ja toetav tegevus
projektikonkurss: H2020-ICT-2014-1
projekti number: 645000
kestus kuudes: 24
partnerite arv: 15
lühikokkuvõte: The LIFE project is about collaborative learning from failure in entrepreneurship and collaborative actions to bring entrepreneurship forward. Although cultural diversity is one of Europe’s biggest assets, this also creates severe obstacles for entrepreneurs to scale their efforts at the pan-European level. The distributed markets, language barriers and decentralized policy leads to: lack of access to talent & relevant expertise, to sufficient financing and to adequate facilities & networks. Hinged on a yearly Failing Forward conference, the project will - map out all the relevant stakeholders and programs in each of the partnering areas in a systematic way, making this available to all web entrepreneurs across Europe in one centralized platform, - identify, share and discuss best practices & success stories This yearly pan-European conference in Brussels will be complemented with local spin-off events in the partner regions, to - generate and grow awareness that failure is an inherent part of the process of entrepreneurship and innovation; - share and celebrate the success stories that were built on incremental learning; - open up the existing startup support programs to web entrepreneurs from all over Europe
partneri jrk nr ja roll partneri nimi riik kontaktisik koduleht
1 koordinaator STARTUPS.BE BE Karen BOERS http://www.startups.be
2 partner OUTSIGHT S.L.U ES http://www.thinkoutsight.com
3 partner F6S NETWORK LIMITED UK http://www.f6s.com
4 partner FORES MEDIA LIMITED UK http://www.tech.eu
6 partner ASSOCIACION TETUAN VALLEY ES http://www.tetuanvalley.com
7 partner ASOCIACION CHAMBERI VALLEY ES http://chamberivalley.com
8 partner NUMA FR
9 partner STARTUP100 FI http://www.startup100.net
10 partner VsI Open Coffee Club Vilnius LT http://opencoffeeclub.lt
11 partner WISE GUYS INVESTMENT OU EE http://startupwiseguys.com
12 partner UNTERNEHMERTUM GMBH DE http://www.unternehmertum.de
13 partner ROB AALDERS URBAN MEDIA NL http://www.r-a-u-m.com
14 partner ZAGREBACKI INKUBATOR PODUZETNISTVA HR http://www.zipzg.com
15 partner STARTUP NORWAY NO http://www.startupnorway.com