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Gathering media clusters to bridge digital content with emerging technologies

algus: 2013-09-01
lõpp: 2016-08-31
programm: FP7 - Euroopa Liidu 7. raamprogramm
alaprogramm: REGIONS - Teadmiste piirkonnad
instrument: CSA-CA - Koordineerivad ja toetavad tegevused - koordineerivad tegevused
projektikonkurss: FP7-REGIONS-2012-2013-1
projekti number: 319964
kestus kuudes: 36
partnerite arv: 8
lühikokkuvõte: Transmedia, the future of Media industry Media industry, a strongly "technology driven" sector suffers, in Europe, of fragmented R&D efforts (a fact highlighted by the “Digital Agenda”). In consequence there are still some missing essential technical components to be developed in Europe. Given the changing context in the media sector and the economic significance of this highly competitive and supportive of growth domain, it is crucial to mobilise European actors in order to prepare the transition from mono-media to Transmedia and strengthen Europe in front of US and Asia competition. The EuroTransmedia project gathers some of the most influent triple helix media clusters in Europe. Together they represent a critical mass of complementary skills all along the value chain generating a turnover of about €19Bn a year and their R&D budget is about 8% of this turnover, whether €1,5Bn of public and private money. The EuroTransmedia project intends to: 1/ Integrate key EU problematic areas by joining the research efforts to get rid of the remaining technological barriers that still hamper user creativity, user content editing interoperability, portability and new editorial policy (which can be seen as the future of media industry). It will tackle technological, scientific, organisational and economic challenges for research and innovation for Media industry in the EU. ‐ The project will identify key needs of the industry to drive research topics ‐ The project will map competencies and skills to cover these needs at European level ‐ Gathering innovative SMEs and research labs, the project will speed up the uptake of ICT innovation. 2/ Adapt a new value chain to the new economy where the user is both a consumer and a producer, and where practices are nomadic and ubiquitous. ‐ By gathering stakeholders covering the whole value chain of the media sector the project will contribute at reshaping the value chain taking account of the transmedia constraints. ‐ Therefore the project addresses the industrial challenges, taking into account EU challenges of boosting “smart” growth indicating project priorities at the EU level, and finally via creating integrated value chain addressing research priorities at project level. ‐ The project intends to be an enabler of new business models that will allow the stakeholders to take the leadership of worldwide markets 3/ Defragmenting research: The development of a common inter-regional research agenda and associated Join Action Plan integrating regional specialisation and bringing together experiences of 6 key European research-driven clusters. This action will link industry and research over different territories at a European level. ‐ The project defines the basis of an efficient and internationally competitive European industry of transmedia, empowering the expertise of several countries involved in technological taking into account international competition, new and innovative technologies.
partneri jrk nr ja roll partneri nimi riik kontaktisik koduleht
1 koordinaator CLUSTER TWIST ASBL BE Pierre Collin
2 partner CAP DIGITAL PARIS REGION FR Nadia Echchihab
3 partner POLE MEDIA GRAND PARIS FR Axel Patinet
4 partner Interface Europe BE Marc Loher
8 partner SERVICE PUBLIC DE WALLONIE BE Charlotte Bouillet