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Aggression subtyping for improved insight and treatment innovation in psychiatric disorders

akronüüm: Aggressotype
algus: 2013-11-01
lõpp: 2018-10-31
programm: FP7 - Euroopa Liidu 7. raamprogramm
alaprogramm: HEALTH - Tervis
instrument: CP-FP - Väikese- ja keskmisemahulised koostööprojektid
projektikonkurss: FP7-HEALTH-2013-INNOVATION-1
projekti number: 602805
kestus kuudes: 60
partnerite arv: 23
lühikokkuvõte: Aggression is a basic physiological trait with important roles throughout evolution, both in defence and predation. When expressed in humans in the wrong context, aggression leads to maladjustment, social impairment and crime. Despite this, knowledge about aggression aetiology is limited and current treatment strategies are insufficient. Contingent to a subdivision into impulsive and instrumental subtypes, we investigate the aetiology of maladaptive aggression in paediatric conduct disorders most strongly predisposing to pathological aggression, ADHD and conduct disorder, and in the general population. We employ highly innovative approaches in humans and animal models and maximize the output from the project by optimally balancing the use of large, existing data sets with new data acquisition. Through this, we build a knowledge chain from molecule to behaviour, investigating known and novel genes, gene-networks and their epigenetic interactions, and mapping their mode of action from the molecular via the cellular to the brain-circuit level. This is accompanied by highly powered analyses of the neural substrates of the aggression subtypes. Based on innovative bioinformatic multimodal data integration, our interdisciplinary research will lead to novel, accurate algorithms for reliable aggression prediction, which will be validated in existing longitudinal studies in children and tested for their predictive value in adult outcome. In addition to this approach towards prevention, we test promising non-pharmacological biofeedback for personalised treatment and prevention of overt aggression. For the identification of novel pharmacological compounds in aggression treatment, we introduce a new animal model, the zebrafish. The Aggressotype consortium is based on successful existing collaborations. It includes experts in childhood and adult psychiatry and research-intensive SMEs ensuring maximal dissemination, clinical implementation and business development opportunities.
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1 koordinaator STICHTING KATHOLIEKE UNIVERSITEIT NL Barbara Franke http://www.ru.nl and www.umcn.nl
2 partner KING'S COLLEGE LONDON UK Philip Asherson http://www.kcl.ac.uk
3 partner UNIVERSITAT DE BARCELONA ES Bru Cormand http://www.ub.edu
4 partner FUNDACIO INSTITUT DE RECERCA DE L'HOSPITAL UNIVERSITARI VALL D'HEBRON ES Josep Antoni Ramos-Quiroga http://www.vhebron.es/vhang.htm
6 partner ZENTRALINSTITUT FUER SEELISCHE GESUNDHEIT DE Andreas Meyer-Lindenberg http://www.zi-mannheim.de
7 partner UNIVERSITETET I BERGEN NO Jan Haavik http://www.uib.no
8 partner THE RESEARCH FOUNDATION OF STATE UNIVERSITY OF NEW YORK US Stephen Faraone http://cnse.albany.edu
9 partner Tartu Ülikool EE Jaanus Harro http://www.ut.ee
10 partner UNIVERSITY OF LEICESTER UK William Norton http://www.le.ac.uk
11 partner UNIVERSITEIT MAASTRICHT NL Klaus-Peter Lesch http://www.maastrichtuniversity.nl
12 partner ISLENSK ERFDAGREINING EHF IS Anna Helgadottir http://www.decode.com
13 partner Genalice B.V. NL Jos Lunenberg http://www.genalice.com
14 partner GENOWAY S.A. FR Vincent Dubus http://www.genoway.com
15 partner VIEW POINT SA FR Didier Neuzeret http://www.viewpoint
16 partner UNIVERSITAET ZUERICH CH Susanne Walitza http://www.uzh.ch
17 partner Concentris Research Management GmbH DE Ameli Schwalber http://www.concentris.de
18 partner ACADEMISCH ZIEKENHUIS GRONINGEN NL Pieter Hoekstra http://www.umcg.nl
19 partner UNIVERSITY OF DUNDEE UK David Coghill http://www.dundee.ac.uk
20 partner UNIVERSITAETSKLINIKUM ULM. DE Andrea Ludolph http://www.uni-ulm.de/klinik/index.html
21 partner CONSORCI INSTITUT D'INVESTIGACIONS BIOMEDIQUES AUGUST PI I SUNYER ES Josefina Castro Fornieles http://www.idibaps.ub.edu
22 partner SERVICIO MADRILENO DE SALUD ES Celso Arango http://cort.as/10Yf
23 partner OSPEDALE PEDIATRICO BAMBINO GESU IT Stefano Vicari http://www.ospedalebambinogesu.it