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Global Lakes Sentinel Services

akronüüm: GLaSS
algus: 2013-03-01
lõpp: 2016-02-29
programm: FP7 - Euroopa Liidu 7. raamprogramm
alaprogramm: SPA - Kosmos
instrument: CP-FP - Väikese- ja keskmisemahulised koostööprojektid
projektikonkurss: FP7-SPACE-2012-1
projekti number: 313256
kestus kuudes: 36
partnerite arv: 8
lühikokkuvõte: The Global Lakes Sentinel Services project will set up a system that is able to handle large quantities of Sentinel 2 and 3 data. The focus will be on the ingestion, archiving, pre-processing and distribution of data and results in a harmonized and user friendly way. The GLaSS system will have innovative functionalities for integrated use of Sentinel 2 and 3 data, time series generation, data mining and further analysis. The quality of the GLaSS system and its products will be ensured by testing it against simulated datasets, and by validating the products through a number of field studies. In order to promote the take-up of Sentinel 2 and 3 products by a wide community of scientific and applied researchers, the GLaSS project will concentrate on the study of Global Lakes because lakes provide very relevant case studies, due to their high importance to society as supply of drinking and irrigation water, but also due to the fact that large lakes are often part of several countries with different socio-economic interest. Thus, our case studies will provide material for- and insights in the interdependence of technology and societal issues involved in Lake Management. Based on selected global case studies, the GLaSS project will produce sets of training material and courseware to make sure that interested researchers quickly can start using Sentinel and GLaSS products and services. The Advisory board is composed of eminent researchers in the field of optical remote sensing of water quality in three other continents. They will help to facilitate and participate in case studies of lakes in their areas of interest, thus ensuring the global dimension of GLaSS.
partneri jrk nr ja roll partneri nimi riik kontaktisik koduleht
1 koordinaator WATER INSIGHT BV NL Steef Peters http://www.waterinsight.nl
2 partner SUOMEN YMPARISTOKESKUS FI Sampsa Koponen http://www.environment.fi/syke
3 partner EOMAP GmbH & Co.KG DE Thomas Heege http://www.eomap.de
5 partner BROCKMANN CONSULT GMBH DE Carsten Brockmann http://www.brockmann-consult.de
6 partner CONSIGLIO NAZIONALE DELLE RICERCHE IT Claudia Giardino http://www.cnr.it
7 partner Tartu Observatoorium EE Anu Reinart http://www.aai.ee
8 partner Brockmann Geomatics Sweden AB SE Petra Philipson http://www.brockmann-geomatics.se