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REuse and Migration of legacy applications to Interoperable Cloud Services

akronüüm: REMICS
algus: 2010-09-01
lõpp: 2013-08-31
programm: FP7 - Euroopa Liidu 7. raamprogramm
alaprogramm: ICT - Info- ja kommunikatsioonitehnoloogiad
instrument: CP-FP-INFSO
projektikonkurss: FP7-ICT-2009-5
projekti number: 257793
kestus kuudes: 36
partnerite arv: 11
lühikokkuvõte: The goal of REMICS is to develop advanced model-driven methodology and tools for REuse and Migration of legacy applications to Interoperable Cloud Services. Service Cloud paradigm stands for combination of cloud computing and Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) for development of Software as a Service systems. To support the migration, REMICS will enhance the OMG Architecture Driven Modernization (ADM) methodology with specific methods, metamodels and tool support, including knowledge discovery, patterns and transformations for SOA and Cloud Computing, Model-Driven Interoperability (MDI), Models@Runtime, Model Checking and Model-based Testing (MBT). REMICS will also link the extracted knowledge from legacy systems with requirements models outlining the application logic in the form of user-system interaction scenarios. REMICS will take an active role in the standardisation of metamodels and languages for Service Clouds including OMG PIM4Cloud/CloudML. The technical results will be compliant with the proposed standards ensuring high industry acceptance. The current migration approaches are mostly ad-hoc limiting EU companies from benefiting of latest Future Internet technologies for service provision. REMICS will provide the technologies that will shorten the “time-to-market” and improve the manageability for service cloud systems based on legacy. Performance testing of applications in the cloud will enhance the runtime monitoring facilities and allow for optimization of cloud-based applications. REMICS tools and techniques will be supported by the REMICS methodology for migration, introducing relevant agile practices and agile method engineering principles. The REMICS consortium after extension consists of eight RTD partners and two SME users. DOME and DI Systemer are two SMEs that will provide requirements and case studies for the REMICS approach validation in the areas of travel and accounting systems respectively. Additional cases will be provided by the new partners, especially regarding online transaction-based systems. The particular RTD focus for SINTEF is in Service Cloud and model-driven interoperability, SOFTEAM and Netfective in Architecture Driven Modernisation (ADM) SOA and tools, Fraunhofer in Model Checking and MBT, Tecnalia and IICT-BAS in methodologies, WUT in requirements models and transformations to SOA, and for UT in migration techniques for online transaction-based systems and performance testing in the cloud.
partneri jrk nr ja roll partneri nimi riik kontaktisik koduleht
1 koordinaator STIFTELSEN SINTEF NO Geir Horn http://www.sintef.no
2 partner SOFTEAM FR Philippe Desfray http://www.softeam.fr
4 partner FUNDACION TECNALIA RESEARCH & INNOVATION ES Margarita Perez De Zabalza Lorenzana http://www.tecnalia.com
5 partner NETFECTIVE TECHNOLOGY SA FR Franck Barbier http://www.netfective.com
6 partner DI Systemer AS NO Thor Saether http://www.disystemer.no
7 partner DOME Consulting & Solutions, S.L. ES Ernesto Romero http://www.dome-consulting.com
8 partner FUNDACION TECNALIA RESEARCH & INNOVATION ES Gorka Benguria Elguezabal http://www.tecnalia.com
9 partner POLITECHNIKA WARSZAWSKA PL http://www.pw.edu.pl
10 partner Tartu Ülikool EE http://www.ut.ee