Policies for Research and Innovation in Small Member States to advance the European Research Area

acronym: ERA-PRISM
start: 2009-06-01
end: 2011-09-30
programme: FP7 - Euroopa Liidu 7. raamprogramm
sub-programme: COH - Toetus teaduspoliitika ühtsele arengule
instrument: CSA-CA - Koordineerivad ja toetavad tegevused - koordineerivad tegevused
call identifier: FP7-COH-2007-2.2-OMC-NET
project number: 234474
duration in months: 28
partner count: 11
abstract: The ERA-PRISM project addresses the need to move beyond a one-size-fits-all research and innovation policy mix for EU member states and to take account of the inherent differences in context, resources and scale affecting small countries. The project brings together small European countries and larger member states with which have traditional/ historical links in research and innovation with a view to developing collaborative policies and initiatives. Through the ERA-PRISM project, small countries will, with the support of larger EU member states, work on: • Defining small country-specific policy responses to the key emerging R&I policy challenges in particular the Green Paper on the European Research Area, • Developing an appropriate balance of demand and supply side policies. Efforts will focus specifically on the lead markets initiative, innovative and green public procurement including pre-commercial public procurement, R&D indicators and frameworks for research funding. A mutual learning platform will be set up to maximize the beneficial exchanges. The project will address these challenges through policy coordination activities and foresight approaches within the context of a mutual learning environment open to both active partners in the project and other member states and regions. It is envisaged that the results will be of interest to regions and cities and to those responsible for developing the ERAWATCH and Pro-Inno information platforms.
partner no and role partner name country contact person web page
1 coordinator OFFICE OF THE PRIME MINISTER MT Jennifer Cassingena Harper
2 partner THE UNIVERSITY OF MANCHESTER UK Liz Fay http://www.manchester.ac.uk
3 partner Haridus- ja Teadusministeerium EE Rein Kaarli http://www.hm.ee
4 partner THE ICELANDIC CENTRE FOR RESEARCH IS Thorvald Finnbjörnsson http://www.rannis.is
6 partner VERKET FÖR INNOVATIONSSYSTEM SE Sven-Eric Hargeskog http://www.vinnova.se
7 partner LATVIJAS TEHNOLOGISKAIS CENTRS NODIBINAJUMS LV Valdis Egle http://www.innovation.lv/ltc
9 partner OBSERVATOIRE DES SCIENCES ET DES TECHNIQUES FR Patricia Laurens http://www.obs-ost.fr
10 partner CENTRE DE RECHERCHE PUBLIC HENRI TUDOR LU Etienne D'hoedt http://www.tudor.lu
11 partner UNIVERSITE DE MARNE LA VALLEE FR Pascal Janots http://www.univ-mlv.fr
12 partner Department for Business, Innovation & Skills UK Sue Creese http://www.berr.gov.uk