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FP7 - 605751 EquiSafe - Advanced monitoring system for horse riding and equestrian activities based on wireless sensing and artificial intelligence 2013-2015
FP7 - 315029 HERMES - Innovative, Highly Efficient Road Surface Measurement and Control System 2012-2014
FP7 - 262549 IATS - Development of an innovative, completely automated antifouling test system for professional examinations of marine coatings 2011-2013
FP7 - 222077 OSMOSIS - Open Source Modelling and Hardware Software Codesign of Embedded Systems 2008-2010
FP7 - 262568 SAFEMETAL - Increasing EU citizen Security by utilizing innovAtive intelligent signal processing systems For Euro-coin validation and metal quality testing 2010-2012
FP7 - 606335 SMARTHIP - Sensor Based Detection of Implant Loosening in Total Hip Replacements 2014-2016
FP7 - 286176 UNDERSAFE - Wireless intelligent system for environmental evaluation, safety monitoring and guidance for recreational and Ecotourism underground activities 2011-2013
FP7 - 605777 Wi-Shoe - A novel Wireless, wearable Shoe-based system for real time monitoring of Energy Expenditure and Gait parameters for Sport and Medical Applications 2014-2015