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H2020 - 666773 BlueHealth - Linking Up Environment, Health and Climate for Inter-sector Health Promotion and Disease Prevention in a Rapidly Changing Environment 2016-2020
H2020 - 777389 c4c - conect4children (COllaborative Network for European Clinical Trials For Children) 2018-2024
H2020 - 769830 CAPTAIN - Coach Assistant via Projected and Tangible Interface 2017-2020
H2020 - 733032 HBM4EU - European Human Biomonitoring Initiative 2017-2021
H2020 - 965328 NeoIPC - Establishing innovative approaches for optimal infection prevention of resistant bacteria in NICUs by integrating research, implementation science and surveillance in a sustainable global platform 2021-2026
H2020 - 965417 SLEEP REVOLUTION - Revolution of sleep diagnostics and personalized health care based on digital diagnostics and therapeutics with health data integration 2021-2025
FP7 - 242146 NEOMERO - European multicenter network to evaluate pharmacokinetics, safety and efficacy of Meropenem in neonatal sepsis and meningitis 2010-2013
FP7 - 602041 NeoVanc - Treatment of late onset bacterial sepsis caused by vancomycin susceptible bacteria in neonates and infants aged under three months 2014-2019