Leidsin 10 projekti. programm [ FP7 ]  alaprogramm [ SME ]  partner-riik [ DK

Partner-riigid (projektides osaluse arv)
projekti nr akronüüm ja pealkiri kestus
FP7 - 222458 ADAPOND - Development of an automatic process of in-house collection, storage and application of adaptive bacteria culture for fish farms. 2008-2011
FP7 - 231986 AMETHYST - Ambulatory Magneto-Enhancement of Transdermal High Yield Silver Therapy 2009-2012
FP7 - 223858 EraSME² - ERA-NET on National and Regional Programmes to Promote Innovation Networking and Cooperation between SMEs and Research Organisations – Phase 2 2008-2010
FP7 - 222307 LAPI - Development of novel composite material for safety helmets, boat hulls and lifeboat containers that has self-repairing and visual inspection features 2008-2010
FP7 - 222333 NANOAIR - NanoAir, Development of an automated instrument for real-time, on-site qualitative analysis of full-range breathable airborne particles, including nanoparticles, using XRD technology 2008-2011
FP7 - 315114 PUMA - Development of a non-invasive and portable tissue viability measurement and intelligent actuation system for the prevention and early detection of Pressure Ulcer risk at Tetraplegic SCI users 2012-2014
FP7 - 232533 SORBENT - Soil remediation technique for in situ cleaning of soils contaminated with heavy hydrocarbons mixtures 2009-2011
FP7 - 222305 TORCHWOOD - Development of an affordable heat treatment process for wood 2008-2011
FP7 - 218878 TRANSCOSME - Transnational Cooperation of the European Network of NCP SME 2008-2012
FP7 - 232176 ULTRAVISC - Sensor-Base Ultrasonic Viscosity Control for the Extrusion of Recycled Plastics 2009-2011