Leidsin 34 projekti. programm [ FP7 ]  instrument [ BSG-SME ]  partner-riik [ UK

Partner-riigid (projektides osaluse arv)
projekti nr akronüüm ja pealkiri kestus
FP7 - 222458 ADAPOND - Development of an automatic process of in-house collection, storage and application of adaptive bacteria culture for fish farms. 2008-2011
FP7 - 605509 ADVOCATE - Autonomous wireless sensors driven by harvested vibration energy for leak detection in water mains 2013-2015
FP7 - 286676 ALUCYC - Development of new technology for aluminium dross complete recovery 2011-2013
FP7 - 231986 AMETHYST - Ambulatory Magneto-Enhancement of Transdermal High Yield Silver Therapy 2009-2012
FP7 - 262040 AquaCell - An innovative technology platform for the enhanced treatment of industrial wastewaters achieving cost reductions, electricity generation and enabling water reuse for non-potable applications. 2010-2012
FP7 - 232216 BREW-PACK - Multi-layer biopolymer films demonstrating selective gas barrier and functional properties suitable for high performance food packaging, derived from integrated bio-refining of sustainable biomass 2009-2011
FP7 - 606618 CE-microArray - Cavity Enhanced Microarray as an Ultra-sensitive Tool to aid Sepsis Diagnosis 2014-2016
FP7 - 605103 EmerEEG - A portable device for Early detection and treatment of Traumatic Brain Injury based on advanced qEEG and HD-TES to prevent major Health problems and specially for use in emergencies and telemedicine. 2013-2015
FP7 - 286933 E-SIGNAGE - Electronic paper message board for outdoor use with carbon NanoBud display module and GPRS I/O layer 2011-2013
FP7 - 286661 EUROTHENTIC - Development of a Secure, Modular, Cash Checking Machine 2011-2013
FP7 - 232217 FRESHFILM - New Active Recyclable Packaging with Natural Antioxidising for the extension of the fresh food shelf live. 2009-2011
FP7 - 286265 HARKEN - Heart and respiration in-car embedded nonintrusive sensors 2012-2014
FP7 - 314889 HeartWear - Wearable Wireless Kit for Detection and Monitoring of Ischemic Conditions 2013-2014
FP7 - 222116 HEAT SAVER - Development of a heat storage system to improve energy efficiency in CHP power plants and in solar driven industrial applications with high relevance to SME 2008-2011
FP7 - 262285 HESTOR - Development of Thermal Storage Application for HVAC solutions based on Phase Change Materials 2010-2012
FP7 - 314991 ICARUS - An Innovative, environmentally friendly CO2/Lubricant Absorption Power System for Highly efficient Power Generation from Low Temperature industrial waste heat to reduce emissions and costs. 2012-2014
FP7 - 315019 INNOVTEG - An innovative very low-cost thermo-electric technology for large-scale renewable solar energy applications. 2012-2014
FP7 - 222307 LAPI - Development of novel composite material for safety helmets, boat hulls and lifeboat containers that has self-repairing and visual inspection features 2008-2010
FP7 - 222333 NANOAIR - NanoAir, Development of an automated instrument for real-time, on-site qualitative analysis of full-range breathable airborne particles, including nanoparticles, using XRD technology 2008-2011
FP7 - 304774 OkraVision - Replacing the Animal Source of Viscous Fluids Used in Cataract Surgery with the Okra Plant Source 2012-2014
FP7 - 222077 OSMOSIS - Open Source Modelling and Hardware Software Codesign of Embedded Systems 2008-2010
FP7 - 222462 REDUXDO - Development of an efficient technique for the reduction of waste in sheeting dough processing in the baking industry 2008-2010
FP7 - 285800 RUNSAFER - Development of a running shoe with embedded electronics providing real time biomechanical feedback to reduce injury risk and enhance motivation, and a web portal allowing real training management. 2012-2014
FP7 - 262568 SAFEMETAL - Increasing EU citizen Security by utilizing innovAtive intelligent signal processing systems For Euro-coin validation and metal quality testing 2010-2012
FP7 - 304775 SafeTrackFood - Development of a novel Industrial Fish Drying and Maturing Process to secure Seafood Safety, Traceability, and Quality 2012-2015
FP7 - 232533 SORBENT - Soil remediation technique for in situ cleaning of soils contaminated with heavy hydrocarbons mixtures 2009-2011
FP7 - 222305 TORCHWOOD - Development of an affordable heat treatment process for wood 2008-2011
FP7 - 606169 Truck-Safe - Development of automated cargo lashing system 2014-2015
FP7 - 232176 ULTRAVISC - Sensor-Base Ultrasonic Viscosity Control for the Extrusion of Recycled Plastics 2009-2011
FP7 - 286176 UNDERSAFE - Wireless intelligent system for environmental evaluation, safety monitoring and guidance for recreational and Ecotourism underground activities 2011-2013
FP7 - 606111 Vulcan - An innovative, fully automated, intelligent vehicle fire and smoke detection and extinguishing system for buses/coaches. 2013-2015
FP7 - 262569 WALKX - Development of a raising, walking and exercise device with upper body support for rehabilitation of stroke victims 2011-2013
FP7 - 222440 WATER-BEE - Low cost, easy to use Intelligent Irrigation Scheduling System 2008-2010
FP7 - 232190 WINTUR - In-situ wireless monitoring of on- and offshore WINd TURbine blades using energy harvesting technology. 2009-2011