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H2020 - 690853 assymcurv - The influence of the cell membrane asymmetry and curvature on the functioning of membrane proteins and the transport of therapeutic compounds 2016-2019
H2020 - 778157 CanBioSe - Novel 1D photonic metal oxide nanostructures for early stage cancer detection 2018-2021
H2020 - 101007430 COAT4LIFE - Eco-friendly corrosion protective coatings based on smart nanotechnology platforms for a circular economy 2021-2025
H2020 - 101007766 LABOUR - Tacking informal employment in Asia: building post-COV19 solutions to precariousness through case-study based evidence on Bhutan, Laos, Maldives, Myanmar, Philippines, Thailand and Vietnam 2021-2025
H2020 - 777926 NanoSurf - Nanostructural surface development for dental implant manufacturing 2018-2021
H2020 - 824027 NEW MARKETS - New Market: an exploration into the changing nature of business environments, informal barriers and emerging markets in the post-Soviet region 2019-2023
H2020 - 778188 SHADOW - SHADOW: An exploration of the nature of informal economies and shadow practices in the former USSR region 2018-2022