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H2020 - 690853 assymcurv - The influence of the cell membrane asymmetry and curvature on the functioning of membrane proteins and the transport of therapeutic compounds 2016-2019
H2020 - 778157 CanBioSe - Novel 1D photonic metal oxide nanostructures for early stage cancer detection 2018-2021
H2020 - 778398 CatChain - Catching–Up along the Global Value Chain: models, determinants and policy implications in the era of the Fourth Industrial Revolution 2018-2022
H2020 - 873207 OCSEAN - Probing the genetic diversity and demographic history of ancient seafarers in ISEA and Oceania, from archaic hominins to the dispersal of the Malayo-Polyneisan language family -
H2020 - 734791 SZ_TEST - Towards Early Molecular Diagnostics of Schizophrenia 2017-2020