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projekti nr akronüüm ja pealkiri kestus
FP7 - 243496 ALERT - Portable Real Time Detection of Airborne Asbestos Fibres for Tradespersons 2010-2013
FP7 - 218355 CHEMXCHANGE - Development of a cost effective system for exchanging information and managing risks of chemicals for the construction industry, addressing new challenges related to European chemical legislation 2009-2012
FP7 - 243632 EXAIRDEC - Development of Novel Exhaust Air Decontamination Process and Equipment for Food Processing Industry’s Applications, based on Non-Thermal Plasma Discharge 2010-2012
FP7 - 218350 FAMOBS - Frequency Agile Microwave Bonding System 2008-2012
FP7 - 243450 HEISTT - High Efficiency In Situ Treatment Technology for Contaminated Groundwater 2010-2013
FP7 - 218346 LIGHT-FOAM - Novel Injection Moulding Processing for the Production of Low Density Foams based on Innovative Granule Technology 2008-2011
FP7 - 218454 MICROFUEL - Mobile Microwave Pyrolysis Plant turns Biomass into Fuel Locally 2009-2012
FP7 - 243607 ROTOFAST - Development of an efficient heating and cooling technology system for rotational moulding, which will –dramatically reduce cycle time, product cost and energy consumption 2010-2013